Becoming a Technician

Medical world is filled with various tolls and utilities that will require many people with different kinds of profession. It is not only the doctors or nurses, a hospital or other medical institutions also need administration staff, technician and others. Technician is one of the most essential things especially for the medical technicians that have knowledge in operating several medical technologies that used in a clinics or hospitals. The medical technologies such as ultrasound or sonography technology are used for many purposes such as diagnostic and medical treatment. Becoming an ultrasound technician guaranteed you a lot of opportunities. So, how can you become ultrasound technician?

One thing for sure, you will need to pass the education degrees. You can take either the two years education degree or the four year education degree. Or you can also get the education from the tech school that focusing on the ultrasound technology or even from the hospitals that have ultrasound technology education. There are quite a lot of hospitals open classes for the ultrasound technician. When you are done with your education process you can get a certification in order to help you to get job easier although that it is not officially needed.


Flexible Change Sony Ericsson Z310i

Due to the many enthusiasts, clamshell phones continue to be produced by large factories, such as: Nokia, Sony Ericsson, etc..
For example Sony Ericsson Z310i, it should be noted that often the problem arises on a flip phone.
For example damage to the LCD screen and speakers, if the phone is frequently opened and shut the flexible cable will be damaged. Which resulted in damage to the screen image does not appear, or other person voice does not sound.

How to replace Sony Ericsson Z310i Flexible:
1st. Open the rear casing
2. Disconnect the battery
3. Remove the rear bolts using a T-6 screwdriver
4th. Unplug the flexible connector
5. Separate the PCB from casingnya
6. Open the front bolts
7. Open the front cover bolts (be careful, frangible cover)
8. Open the front bolts
9. Unplug the flexible connector
10. Unplug the speakers
11. Pull the existing flexible, with the first release under the flip top and carefully
12. Unplug the camera located on a flexible cable
13. Replace a damaged flexible with the new

Flexible Change Samsung E350

In general, phones that have a flexible cable is often problematic. That is breaking the cable that connects two parts of the phone, both slider and clamshell.
One of these damage cases Keypad Samsung E350.
Its symptoms are not functioning when the button is pressed.

How to replace the Samsung E350 Flexible:
-Step 1:
Remove the battery and bolts behind the casing
-Step 2:
Remove the rear chassis with caution
-Step 3:
Flexible lever volume buttons, camera button and flexible
-Step 4:
Remove the main board mobile phone
-Step 5:
Remove the flexible connector flexible than using tweezers
-Step 6:
Remove the front casing flexible than using tweezers, then poke her
-Step 7:
Remove the bolts on the front casing
Crowbar with tweezers
Remove the casing front
-Step 8:
Remove the flexible connector
Replace a damaged flexible with the new

Good luck, hopefully Success ...